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Who are our real friends, anyway?  Do we consider our 1,000+ Facebook connections to be real friends, or do we just like many of those people out of obligation?  I love how, when you finally see/meet these people in real life, they can actually look right through you.  I’ve had that happen.  I’ve also unfriended at least one of them/you.

I know you’re now all searching to see if we’re still connected on Facebook.  Go ahead…I’ll wait.

A real-life friend of mine from High School posted something recently…an article that he’d read that I agree is share-worthy.  From Business Insider, the article “15 Things You’re Doing That Make People Dislike You Immediately” had a long, cumbersome title that drew me in anyway.

No…it was not because I was looking for ways to enhance my misanthropic ways.  I think I’ve pretty much got that covered at this point.  I wanted it to serve as a wake-up call for the rest of you…for whom there is still hope.  While I don’t agree with several of the items mentioned in the article (I don’t think we have to worry about me acting too nice), I hope you all read this and don’t recognize yourself in anything mentioned.

Do you?  Let’s discuss.  And do you agree that they’re potentially detrimental?


Mike Schenker, MAS
Mike Schenker, MAS, is an award-winning promotional products industry professional and All That at Mike Schenker, Consulting. He’s been a distributor and a supplier, and has a view of our industry which can best be described as “unique”.  He takes the promotional products business very seriously, but not himself, and his reflections on all things imprinted can be found in his monthly column for PromoCorner.  He is one of the admins of the popular Promotional Products Professionals group on Facebook, a two-time candidate for the PPAI Board of Directors (but he’s not bitter), a member of the SAAGNY Hall of Fame, and the recipient of the 2014 PPAI Distinguished Service Award.
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