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About a year ago, I packed up my office of the previous 20-something years, which lead to a serious bout with allergies (c’mon…nobody really dusts all this, do they?) and self-reflection.  I work(ed) from home, and yet I felt a need to put my awards and plaques on display.  For all of the walk-in business I did from the basement of our home?  Additionally, I had more than my share of nonsense on display…including my fab-four set of Mike Schenker bobbleheads, photos of family, friends, and business events and memories.

I had all that on display, as they reminded me of fun times, good people, and yes…personal achievements.  They weren’t out in order for me to regale the dog with stories of my success or events to which he wasn’t invited.  They were there to remind me.

Not everyone has the opportunity to work from home.  I’ve been lucky in that regard.  This blog post is dedicated to the rest of you: those who have to deal with that uneasy feeling of having someone looking in over the top of your cubicle, or commenting about what you’re having for lunch at your desk.

Let’s talk about your workspace for a bit.  What does it say about you?  Are you inviting?  Friendly?  Stand-offish?  Just passing through?

Sophia Anderson seems like a nice person…someone I wouldn’t mind having in the workspace next to mine.  She recently wrote an article about what your workspace says about you.  Yes…she goes so far as to criticize my bobbleheads.  Well, not mine in particular, although they are ripe for the picking.

Take a read and let me know what you think: which of the seven scenarios describe your workspace?

Mike Schenker, MAS
Mike Schenker, MAS, is an award-winning promotional products industry professional and All That at Mike Schenker, Consulting. He’s been a distributor and a supplier, and has a view of our industry which can best be described as “unique”.  He takes the promotional products business very seriously, but not himself, and his reflections on all things imprinted can be found in his monthly column for PromoCorner.  He is one of the admins of the popular Promotional Products Professionals group on Facebook, a two-time candidate for the PPAI Board of Directors (but he’s not bitter), a member of the SAAGNY Hall of Fame, and the recipient of the 2014 PPAI Distinguished Service Award.
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