Heroes and Villains

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I recognize that the following is not unique to the promotional products industry…my home for so many years.  I’ve seen it in the automotive industry, for example, where car companies market the same model, but with different names sold by their different brands.  Does it make them evil villains?  No…it’s all in the name of […]

Hey Good Looking

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“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful“.  Remember that line from a shampoo commercial from way back when?  According to an article I’ve just read, it turns out that unattractive people might actually have a professional advantage over their more attractive counterparts, and the very unattractive might have even greater success than good looking people. This […]

I’m Moving On

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Full disclosure: I am a notorious over-thinker.  If there are worst-case-scenarios to be imagined, I’m your man.  Experts…either real or self-anointed…have stated that this is neither wise nor healthy.  It is better to keep certain aspects and issues compartmentalized, and keep moving on. The problem with someone like me (what…there’s only one?) is that being […]