Baby Come Back

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So it’s back to business for original content blog posts.  Sorry folks…I’d had a lot of deadline priorities that required more focus that the seemingly thirty seconds it takes to produce these.  But I guess I’m back…I hope you’ve enjoyed the informative content I’ve otherwise been sharing. I’m often asked about this blog (okay…”often” might […]

Photographs and Memories

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If we’re connected at all via social media (and let’s safely assume we are…otherwise how else might you have known about these blog posts in the first place), then you’re no doubt aware that I’ve been packing up my office here at Mike Schenker, Consulting and School of Witty Comebacks, in preparation for my office […]

You’re My Favorite Waste of Time

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Unless you’re my mother (who, as I write this, is just days away from probably joining the ranks of senior citizens on Facebook, taking every quiz and sending random messages to people without tagging the intended person), chances are you and I have something of a professional relationship.  Even if we are childhood (or childish) […]