Heroes and Villains

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I recognize that the following is not unique to the promotional products industry…my home for so many years.  I’ve seen it in the automotive industry, for example, where car companies market the same model, but with different names sold by their different brands.  Does it make them evil villains?  No…it’s all in the name of […]

Baby Come Back

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So it’s back to business for original content blog posts.  Sorry folks…I’d had a lot of deadline priorities that required more focus that the seemingly thirty seconds it takes to produce these.  But I guess I’m back…I hope you’ve enjoyed the informative content I’ve otherwise been sharing. I’m often asked about this blog (okay…”often” might […]

I Love Mankind…It’s People I Can’t Stand

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As you can see, the title of this blog post was taken directly from an old Peanuts comic strip (as opposed to what?  A new Peanuts comic strip?)  For what we all remember as a fun, wholesome daily visit with nice children in fact contained bullying (Lucy), violence (Snoopy versus the Red Baron), self-esteem issues […]