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High-powered trend spotter that I am, I recently learned that this has become a “thing”.  It seems that many people are actually “phone prone”.  That is, they would prefer to speak over that archaic device than text or email.  Fancy that…making a phone call.  Who does this?

I admit: I’ve gotten away from the phone as much as I can.  I blame my son for this.  Well…maybe not him, directly, but him and his people.  His generation.  They were the ones who really ran with the new technology, and made texting a way of life.  I’ll own up and say that yes…I’m now one of them.  Maybe it was out of necessity or reality, but a text is faster and more direct and to the point.  I need to ask you this, you provide the answers, and boom…we’re done here.  No need for small talk.  If I want to know what’s going on in your life, I’ll stalk you on Facebook.

As a social experiment, a CEO recently went on a campaign, encouraging phone conversations instead of electronics and typing.  His findings were recently published in Fast Company.  Suffice to say, there were pros and cons.  As I have often said, you can’t read moods, intent, or context via electronic communications.

I recognize that I may be the counterpoint to that.  I have been told by many people over the years that when they read my words, they can hear my voice and know where to inject the sarcastic tone.  I’m actually honored by that.

I found this topic interesting enough to share with you; I hope you agree.  I imagine that, if you like the article enough, you can text it or email it to your own network.

Maybe I haven’t fully caught onto this.



Mike Schenker, MAS
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