Baby Come Back

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So it’s back to business for original content blog posts.  Sorry folks…I’d had a lot of deadline priorities that required more focus that the seemingly thirty seconds it takes to produce these.  But I guess I’m back…I hope you’ve enjoyed the informative content I’ve otherwise been sharing.

I’m often asked about this blog (okay…”often” might be too strong a word).  Specifically: what’s its point?  Humor?  Business? Net neutrality?  I’d blogged several years ago, and while that was focused primarily on business, I remember venturing into baseball, music, food, or television.  The fact that I can mention those four topics surprises me, as I don’t remember even producing four blog posts.

We’re now one-plus year into this blog, and I believe that, while its primary focus has been business-related, it does tend to wander off on its own like a toddler at the county fair.  Is this a result of undiagnosed ADD, or simply a curious mind open to exploration about all things around us?

Its basis remains primarily business, but in ways of enlightenment and (hopefully) entertainment.  And sometimes just pointing a finger at something and laughing…either at it or with it.

Case in point: since 2010, I’ve had the privilege of participating in the Promotional Products Association International‘s annual visit to Washington, where industry leaders (and me) meet with legislators in order to make the world a better place for imprinted coffee mugs and fidget toys.  While I have always enjoyed the process of these meetings, as well as the incredible experience of wandering around the Capitol building, one of the highlights of this trip has to be the visit to the gift shop.  There, you can find so much promotional and logoed merchandise, all at obscenely inflated prices.  Ain’t that America…

I was reminded of this gift shop today when I learned that the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office not only has it’s own gift shop, but a website as well.  Here, you can find some rather unique and less-than-macabre merchandise, from pens and mugs to towels and holiday stockings.  Yes, really.  Because nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a black holiday stocking with “Coroner” embroidered on it.  Maybe I just don’t understand Christmas.

But I do understand gift shops and promotional merchandising.  Clearly there’s a market for everything.  I do have to admit that there was nothing there commemorating Los Angeles’ most famous coroner, Dr. R. (no first name ever given) Quincy, M.E.   They’re clearly not going after the Jack Klugman fan base.

If you continue to find tidbits like these, thrown in with other business postings, then my work here is done.  Or not done, as the case may be.  Keep reading…tell your friends.


Mike Schenker, MAS
Mike Schenker, MAS, is an award-winning promotional products industry professional and All That at Mike Schenker, Consulting. He’s been a distributor and a supplier, and has a view of our industry which can best be described as “unique”.  He takes the promotional products business very seriously, but not himself, and his reflections on all things imprinted can be found in his monthly column for PromoCorner.  He is one of the admins of the popular Promotional Products Professionals group on Facebook, a two-time candidate for the PPAI Board of Directors (but he’s not bitter), a member of the SAAGNY Hall of Fame, and the recipient of the 2014 PPAI Distinguished Service Award.
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2 thoughts on “Baby Come Back

  1. First of all, Baby Come Back is a good song. Second, my 12 year old lives for “merch” as she calls it. Especially, post show, Uber pricey merchandise. I am the proud sponsor of many $40 tees, $15 key chains, although I said no to the Evan Hansen hoodie that was $65…my point is promotional products matter in a big way, so keep blogging!

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