Autumn in New York (NJ too). It’s cold!

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I wrote this blogpost on the morning of November 4, 2018.  I had gained one hour of sleep as a result of Daylight Savings Time, allegedly.  I slept just as much as I would have otherwise…I just got out of bed one hour later according to the clock, to a very cold (33 degree F) New Jersey temperature.  Autumn.  Remind me again of why I left Florida.

Oh yeah…that’s right.  They’re all crazy down there.  Thanks.

I came back north, knowing full well that I’d have to re-adjust to the colder temperatures (and I’ll remind you all again: for the warmer people, too!).  Sure, I’ve had to buy a new snow brush, and shovel, but that was to be expected.  Having lived in northern, colder climates for the majority of my life, it was just a way of life…not something to which I’d ever given thought.  It’s autumn: my skin hurts, I drive more carefully due to idiotic deer and wet leaves…it’s all good.  But I never really gave any thought to the science behind all this.

As it turns out, this whole Seasonal Affective Disorder thing is real.  The colder weather slows down more than just my driving.  This article, from a UK-based periodical, delves deeper into the many aspects of how colder weather affects us on a daily basis, as well as providing tips on how to combat the changes.

Just as long as it doesn’t cut into my nap time, I’m fine.



Mike Schenker, MAS
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