Ain’t It Funny How Time Slips Away

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If the lack of original blog posts from me is any indication, you can safely assume that I’ve been quite busy.  I have a lot going on these days, and I just haven’t had a lot of time available to create new content.  As much as I enjoy writing, and I especially enjoy the responses I get from (most of) you readers, it’s very rewarding for me…and maybe for you, too, as you gain further insights into my worldviews on business, life, baseball, and NOT politics.  I know better than to go there!

But here’s the thing: I’m probably not doing myself any favors by being so narrow in my focus.  I really should stop and smell the roses (yes…I could have used that as the song title needed for this post, but I didn’t think you wanted to hear a very minor Mac Davis hit once you’re done reading), but sometimes I’m my own worst enemy (really Mick?  Only sometimes?).

I did manage to find the time to read this article about being too busy for our own good, and I wanted to share it with you.  Any article that begins with a plane crash and then turns into a lesson about finding time for ourselves certainly guarantees an interesting read.

The short version?  Find time to take care of yourself.  This means your work life, your free time, your home life, your you. 

As it turns out, it ain’t funny how time slips away.

I know you’re thinking: I know that song.  Who did it?  Okay…who didn’t?  Elvis did a nice job with it, but I do like this version by the Reverend Green and that Lyle Lovett character.  And in case you were wondering, it was written by that Redheaded Stranger.

Mike Schenker, MAS
Mike Schenker, MAS, is an award-winning promotional products industry professional and All That at Mike Schenker, Consulting. He’s been a distributor and a supplier, and has a view of our industry which can best be described as “unique”.  He takes the promotional products business very seriously, but not himself, and his reflections on all things imprinted can be found in his monthly column for PromoCorner.  He is one of the admins of the popular Promotional Products Professionals group on Facebook, a two-time candidate for the PPAI Board of Directors (but he’s not bitter), a member of the SAAGNY Hall of Fame, and the recipient of the 2014 PPAI Distinguished Service Award.
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